Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Where has the last week gone to? I have a crawler, don't tell him that though, he is trying to walk. He moves and wiggles all over the place and gets into EVERYTHING. Baby proofing never had to happen with my older two boys, I told them no once, ok ok maybe twice, but still, they didn't get into it. C, lol, he is my little fire sign and he just laughs when mommy tells him no, then screams when I move him away from it to distract him. He has been SO clingy to me all week, including only napping if I hold him, that I haven't gotten anything accomplished in our home all week. I have a sling, two actually, but he wiggles and squirms and crawls his way right out of them. I want an Ergo, maybe with the birthday money I have saved I can get just that, if I can find a used one. Today we have discovered a new game, he cries when I set him down and giggles as soon as I pick him up, little stinker, he knows just how to tug mommy's heart strings.

So, organizing, well. . .we have worked on it, and it is coming along, just not as fast as I would have liked to see. If you remember from my last post I talked about wanting to work on a helper schedule, and I came up with a good one. Each boy has one different chore each night of the week, except for Sunday. Two chores if one is little, but no more than that. However, it has been a bit much to swallow, so we've come down to one thing. LAUNDRY. I have set specific days for laundry, so that we know what is done what day and no one is overwhelmed. J and D each have their own day to do laundry, one day is for C and myself, one for Sam, one for blankets, sheets and towels.  It has been working well so far, except I can't get MY laundry put away right now, but that is ok, I'll take the trade off of my snuggly little man, because I know very well that they don't stay like this for long.

Today, well today we're going to just snuggle and watch the snow fall.

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