Thursday, October 20, 2011

Organization - My Twelve Step Program - Step One

For the month of October I have decided that our biggest challenge in our home is laundry. We tried to do all chores the first month. Mistake. So we've started with LAUNDRY. It piles up. . . everywhere. Dirty laundry, clean laundry, socks. . .we have so many clothes I have started to go through them and make boxes for our local women's shelter and for our local consignment store. We NEED to get rid of some of these clothes, especially since my older boys wear uniforms to school, and pretty much the same 3 outfits after school over the course of the week and on weekends. I'm pretty sure on a weekly basis, I rewash clean laundry that is still folded, at least once per child.

So here is the laundry schedule I have set up. Lets hope that we can all stick to it.

Laundry Schedule

Monday - Diapers, C & Mom’s clothes

Tuesday - Sam's clothes

Wednesday - D’s clothes & sheets

Thursday - J’ clothes & sheets

Friday - Diapers

Saturday - Blankets, Sheets & Towels

Sunday - REST

Wish us luck. . . :-)

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