Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pocket Book VS Your Health. . . Is This Really A Question?

So I'm sitting here sipping on my coffee and eating a zucchini muffin. One of my friends linked me to this website and I wanted to share and discuss.

I'm having a really hard time understanding why it is that so many people don't value their health. I have had dear friends tell me that if people are educated, they will be able to understand and make educated choices that are best for them. I know that I can be a pretty pushy person when I feel strongly about something, I don't try to push people, it's just that I want to see those closest to me and even those I don't know living as happily and healthy as God and Mother Earth intended us to live.
Genetically Modified food is NOT what anyone other than large companies looking to turn a profit, intended us to eat, nor is it good for anyone. When pesticides are injected into our food, yes they kill the weeds, but they don't just disappear when foods are harvested, cleaned or even cooked, and they continue to grow inside of you causing illness and even are responsible for a LOT of cancers!
If we, as consumers, would put our foot down and stop buying GM foods then eventually they would stop making them, and our health, water supply and the future of the world would be a much more secure place!
So, please, spend the extra money on NON-GMO and Organic foods and spend LESS money on health companies and hospital visits. You'll be saving money, and your life in the end.


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