Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hello My Name Is _______________.

After a couple of blog postings, I guess it would be a good time to introduce myself.

My name is Jennifer, I am generally known by Jenni or even more common, "Mommy!". Born in '81, I married my first husband in '99 and had two beautiful baby boys very shortly after. J was born in 2000 and D was born in 2001. After only 3 short (and very fast) years of marriage my husband passed away, leaving me a single mom of two very young babies.

Life as a single mom had many challenges, but just as many rewards. With loving family and friends to support me, we made it through. I have worked all sorts of jobs during this time, but I would have to say my biggest love was photography.

In May of 2010 one of my best friends in the world purposed, and we were married that June, and I became the proud step-mommy to two sweet kiddos, T (born in '94) and S (born in '98)

Yes it was fast, but we both wanted to add to our family of Us + 4, and didn't want to let the kids get a whole lot older before this happened.

And 10.5 months after the wedding. . .
We welcomed C to our modern day Brady Bunch.

Both of my older boys were born with a midwife attending, however with C I decided to take it one step further and have him at home. I found (after trial and error) an awesome and very experienced midwife right down the street from me, and it was the best experience of my life. He was born at 4:50 am, in the water. 9lbs 2 oz, 19 inches (although I think this is wrong, we couldn't get him all the way straight) with a 14.5" head in a little over 6 hours from start to finish. Let me tell you, it hurt SO.MUCH.LESS being at home and relaxed. I don't care what anyone will tell you, epidurals are NOT the way to go!

So now I am a cloth diapering, eco-loving, organic & non-gmo eating, SAHM, of 3 beautiful boys (four when S is here)

Doing my best to find new recipes for my allergen induced family, remembering what it was like to have a baby around the house again, and taking pictures of it all!