Thursday, December 1, 2011

Snow, Peppermint Coffee and a Gorgeous 8 Month Old

Oh how I do love the mornings when you wake up and there are a few inches of snow blanketing the ground in sparkly white.

After cooking the older boys steak, eggs and bacon with peppermint hot chocolate for a December first breakfast done right, they are off to school and C and I got down to business, my baby is 8 months old today. EIGHT, where did this year go and how did my little man get so big. In just four short months we will be celebrating his first birthday, hopefully in Moab with our family. In the mean time, we are capturing him at 8 months, his first December, his first Christmas. I love firsts!

In the kitchen, I have peppermint coffee brewing, it smells a little like heaven. I tried to make peppermint coffee last week, I don't know if it was the fact that it was still November that threw it off, but let me tell you, mixing dried peppermint leaves with coffee and letting it brew. . . FAIL.

Today I used peppermint extract in with my grounds*, it turned out REALLY good. Filled my mug half full of steamed almond milk and stirred in a tsp of vanilla agave, it tastes like a Thin Mint Girl Scout cookie. . . not kidding.

So now C is napping, I'm just finished editing his pictures and I am in love. I'll share this one for now, not sure what I want to put on the Christmas cards just yet. <3

*Update - I added 1 TBSP organic baking carob in with my grounds today, EVEN BETTER! I'm sure that cocoa would work too, for those of you who's EBF baby isn't intolerant to chocolate!


  1. so cute! and that coffee sounds delicious!

  2. What a cutie! Happy 8 Months to your little man! And Thin Mint coffee?? Yes, please.

  3. I think my choice word has already been said a few times, CUTE!!! I think I was would also add adorable! b

  4. You got me wanting a cup of coffee at 7:15 pm!!! YUMO!!!

  5. peppermint coffee sounds perfect! and your little man looks like the perfect christmas gift...precious.