Monday, September 5, 2011

Five Months

I cannot, for the life of me, believe that my baby is five months old. He is trying his best to crawl, just yesterday he figured out how to push up into a sitting position (and stay that way), his sweet little personality is really start to develop and he has gotten very good with a few basic signs (as well as screaming if you don't notice what he wants right away).

Yesterday, D and I decided to take C out and take his 5 month pictures while J was at a Boy Scout thing.

C was having a lot of fun playing in the basket with the apples and the flowers, I am in some serious trouble when this kid gets more mobile! 

Here are some of the pictures we came up with. I love how inquisitive my boy is.

 And of course, EVERYTHING has to go in the mouth.  . .

He was watching his big brother running through the river bottom

He can't wait to run with him

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